Shirky on Business

Simple is better as it turns out. Holds true for business as well. The answer he arrived at was that they hadn’t collapsed despite their cultural sophistication, they’d collapsed because of it. Subject to violent compression, Tainter’s story goes like this: a group of people, through a combination of social organization and environmental luck, finds […]

OK, I’ll Click

Greatest intro all year? Inside a sprawling Manhattan command center, a board that detects subway activity by sensor had gone quiet. No trains were running; the Metropolitan Transportation Authority had shut the system down as Hurricane Sandy approached. Suddenly, the screens inexplicably crackled to life. Something was moving down there. And it was not the […]

This Is Not Checkers

There are so many quotables in this article from Ben Horowitz on entrepreneurship: focus on the target. You might not hit it, but you definitely won’t hit if you focus on other things. This is not checkers; this is mutherfuckin’ chess And the final one, regarding The Struggle: So to all of you in it, […]

Cachebusting in Online Media – what is it?

This was an eye opening document for me, explaining how ‘cachebusting’ works in terms of online advertising, and why we have to do it. Questions after reading?  Email or IM me – would love to chat. Introduction In an attempt to speed up user experience around the web, most browsers implement a technology called cache. […]